Classes, Tarot readings, Crystal pairings,


      Clearnings, and Officiant services

Tarot & Tea

July 7th, 2017     7:00 - 8:30 pm

Wilwand Tea Co

7075 Morro Road

ATascadero, CA 93422


Crystal pairings

A crystal pairing is a list of which stones and crystals work best with you!  Just like scents and medication, stones vary widely in how they affect different people.  Learn more about your particular stones and crystals, and what to avoid.  


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​Tarot Readings 

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to see your life and the lives of those around you reflected in energy.  Tarot readings are free for the first reading, then $1.00/min afterwards.  Please contact me for details and scheduling.  

Group readings are available and encouraged, please contact me with details for scheduling and price.   

​​​Tarot & Tea!   Now in 2 locations, San Luis Obispo and Atascadero.

Come learn about the intuitive art of Tarot while drinking tea ceremonially presented Gung-fu style by Cyndi Silva. Over 30 Tarot decks are provided, and you will leave having practiced in class!  no experience necessary, lots of fun!  

​Ceremony Officiant

I am a White light practitioner and a minister in the Universal Life Church. I would love to marry you!  I have different scripts and ideas for services, or you create your own!  

Please use the contact me page for details.   



Clearings remove the negative energy of a space, either open or in a structure.  Participation is highly encouraged.  I provide recommendations to improve harmony, flow, color, art, and furniture while clearning. Sage or incensed is usually used, but does not for those sensitive to scents.  I will bring stones and Tarot to assist.  If a spirit or entitiy is thought to be present, conversation and clearning can be provided. 

Clearing prices vary widely depending on the service requested.   Please use the contact me page to give more details.  


"My son was having night terrors. He was complaining of bad dreams and crying in the night. He refused to sleep in his room. Maeve did a cleansing at my house and focused on his room since then he has been sleeping in his room and the night terrors have stopped. He is much happier in his room and feel safe now. The change in him is amazing. I am so happy to see him at peace." - Amanda K.

"​Doing the crystal pairing with Maeve was very fun! She has more crystals than I even knew existed. She helped guide me to find the ones that fit me perfectly providing me peace, calm, strength and energy." -Beth G.

"My husband and I had become stagnant in our jobs and needed a change. We were having trouble moving forward. It seemed like every time we made headway something happened. Since the cleansing my husband has become motivated and is applying for new jobs. I received a new job offer with more advancement opportunities as well. Things have changed for better and I feel there is a positive environment." - A. Z. 

My personal pairing: citrine, garnet, and jasper. Azurite for inspiration, carnelian for family and home, nephrite (Big Sur Jade) for harmoney.  Barite for grounding.  

Clearing on a door, one of the most frequent spaces that hold negativity and inhibit flow.